Is Juggernaut Of Collapse Of Civilization About To Turn It’s Wheel ?

It’s not a secret anymore that the continuous worrisome upsurge in Corona cases on a global scale has catapulted a never – say – die global issue – collapse of civilization – to the forefront. Those who do think that civilizations do collapse without showing the explicit or implicit signs and symptoms of impending collapse are living in the world of their own making. Anything which we are unable to notice or figure out doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist and can’t come to the centre stage from nowhere in the near future.

Keeping in view the scale of havoc been unleashed by the rapidly mutating Corona virus, one cannot stop oneself from writing a footnote that it’s the beginning of end of civilization. People are dying and dying on a large scale.This mammoth death spree reminds me of a pertinent quote of William Shakespeare ‘s King Lear —

As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods ; They kill us for their sport.

Are we already drawn and sucked into the tumultuous and deadly scenario whereby Corona virus has started to sound death-knell loud and clear for our continously becoming fragile existence?

The tentative answer to this sixty – four-thousand – dollar question is in the affirmative. The all – hands – up kind of all – out attack engineered by the Corona virus has started to destroy the very foundations of socio – economic – politico – cultural dynamics and moorings of our civilization. Owing to the pandemic, the rate of employment and work hours are on the decline. This will affect the purchasing power of people very badly. It’s a shame for that civilization which deprive the people of even a square meal. Adding insult to the injury is the bald fact that world governments are nothing but mute spectators. Isn’t it portend the end of civilization ?