You’re on a journey. This world is only a transit system. Here,nothing is permanent. Everyone and everything come with an expiration date. Those people who are joining you will leave you tomorrow.You know,neither the arrival nor the departure was in their hands. They’re sent for a special purpose though the purpose may or may not be crystal clear to you but one day, in hindsight, you will come to know about the reason behind their appearance in your life.

Remember, their departure shouldn’t leave you in the lurch with feet of clay and broken wings. It’s a part of your journey and not a journey as a whole. Look back only to distil wisdom but don’t lose sight of the mammoth opportunities lie ahead to greet you.

You need to understand the real crux of your journey. God has sent you over here with a specific purpose. You’re a chosen one who has programmed diligently so that you can steer clear through the matrix called life. Your job is to dig out the blueprint and do activate the divine program you’ve already wired up with.

This turnaround may steal a few winks from your eyes. It may become a drain on your system. You need not only to think on your feet while on the move but also on your backside while relaxing. But this is not a heavy price to pay if you want to conjure order out of the gruesome mess you’ve been finding yourself in and turn out to be the chosen one.

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