People tend to use both ex- and former interchangeably which ultimately leads to semantics confusion. Let’s take a peep into the points of difference between these

two …

1) Ex- is a prefix and hence,always connected by making use of hyphen whereas former is a complete word on its own.

2) Another point of difference is that ex – is used when the given situation bearing negative connotations.

For example, ex-lover ( showing that relationship has got failed) ,ex-wife ( showing that marriage couldn’t click) ,etc.

However, former is used when the situation or association ends up on positive note.

3) The most important point of difference is that ex – is used to refer to the immediate or recent past incumbent or office – bearer .

For example, Mr. Donald J. Trump is the

ex-President of the USA whereas Mr.Barack Obama ,Mr. George W. Bush ,etc. are the former Presidents of the USA.

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